Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top 10 New Big Apple Bars

Citysearch reports on New York City's "Top 10 Bars of 2008". #1 the Rusty Knot has a winsome faux dive bar vibe and spotless restrooms but the overpriced upscale grub and worst jukebox in NYC (Billy Joel?!) will have you heading for the hills or at least Hogs & Heffers in short order. Of the other nine notable potent potable emporiums on the list the most promising appears to be Santos' Party House a downtown watering hole helmed by Andrew W.K. who is sorta England's version of Kid Rock. Shoolbred's in the East Village bodes well with a relaxed inexpensive vibe, working fireplace and wide selection of brown liquors. Will reserve judgement on the remaining locations pending winning the Lotto, or in the Hotel Delmano's case, banishment to Brooklyn. And even then, "hipster chic at its finest" seems oxymoronic at best. Bottoms up!

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