Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rock of Love 'Hos Take Chicago!

The ever catty and chatty Chickbomb checks in with her latest no 'hos barred Rock of Love Bus recap. This week's episode finds the ten remaining hot-mess-testants winding their way to the Windy City of Chicago for an "awesome" Bret Michaels' concert at the Horseshoe Casino (who knew they had casinos in Chicago?)

Included in C-bomb's kick ass analysis are the panties down and dirty details of the roadie challenge, the life lesson here being "If you want to date a rock star, you better learn how to fall off a stage bitch," according to the astute and sophisticated Ashley who is later seen puking into a casino trash can. Quick, somebody get the little tattooed lady a cheeseburger and a barf bag!

For more high heeled hi jinks and to see which cranky skank's bruised butt gets left behind when Bret's bus blows town, read on...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Donkey Punch - Sexy Brit Flick Kicks Like a Mule!

Grown men giggle and even Girls Gone Wild shudder at the mere mention of the name. Filmed for under $1 million and destined for cult movie fame, Donkey Punch is a killer new erotic thriller from the UK about 3 girls and 4 lads whose wicked weekend on a yacht in Spain goes from from the heights of ecstasy to bloody Hell after trying out the titular ill advised bedroom maneuver. Seriously, do not try this at home, or anyplace else.

Enthusiasts of extreme cinema lucky enough to live in New York City can get DP-ed so to speak, at the Cinema Village (22 East 12th St). Hey, ya can't see a Kate Winslet flick every week!

To find out more and order Donkey Punch on DVD complete with a boatload of boner, err bonus features click here.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh My Cod! Radhika Interviewed & Adam Platt's Restaurant Wars Recap

Grub Street talked with Top Chef's Radhika Desai who's lackluster leadership in this week's Restaurant Wars episode resulted in her being the latest chef-testant to be told to "Please pack your knives and go." Read on...

New York magazine's Adam Platt makes an early prediction on this season's winner, comments on Carla's dreadful deserts and wonders who was really on the couch with Leah. Read on...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rock Of Love Bus - Skanks on Ice!

"What's a goin' on?" Maybe it was a result of President Obama's electrifying and inspiring inaugural address, but the ever-cheeky Chickbomb has certainly been pounding the keyboard (and perhaps a Grey Goose & Red Bull or three) this week. Click on through for her second Rock of Love Bus recap in as many days and read a torrid tale of pneumatic ingenues ice skating, "date night" at Big Al's strip club and see which ho-testant dared mention Bret's "European" hair! Read on...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bye, Robot

Bob May the actor who worked inside the robot costume on the classic 1960s sci-fi series Lost in Space has died. He was 69. Interestingly enough the voice of the robot was actually done by the show's announcer Dick Tufeld. Will Robinson, you're on you're own now. The New York Times has more...

Rock of Love Bus Kept A Rolling (All Night Long)

Chickbomb returns with another outrageous Rock of Love Bus recap including lingerie clad wedding vows, a hay ride from Hell and an elimination ceremony that ends three ho-testants tour in glamorous Greenfield, Indianna! Read on...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hail to the G! The President of our once again great nation's inaugural address was electrifying, inspiring, unifying and worthy of a big, fat friggin' WOO HOO! Now to Ben's Chili Bowl for a celebratory 1/2 smoke sausage! Gawker of course has an assortment of opinions and surprisingly not all are of the snarky, hipster variety...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bourdain's Blogs From A to Zamir

Anthony Bourdain, celebrated cook, author, No Reservations show host and lousy ATV driver comments in his latest blog on the Americanization of his Russian friend Zamir. Will too many autograph hounds, questionable business opportunities and near death snowmobile rides corrupt Anthony's comrade? Read on...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Iggy Pop Interview & Ron Asheton Memorial

Rolling Stone reports Iggy Pop's first interview since the death of Stooges' co-founder Ron Asheton. Iggy recalls his best friend's inestimable influence, psychedelic origins and love of small animals. Read on (and listen to the actual Detroil radio interview).

And this just in...

Private Memorial Held for Stooges' Guitarist Ron Asheton
By Roger LeLievre The Ann Arbor News

A private memorial service attended by family members and close friends of the late Stooges' guitarist Ron Asheton was held Tuesday at Muehlig's Funeral Chapel in Ann Arbor.

Among those attending were Stooges' frontman Iggy Pop; Ron Asheton's brother and Stooges' drummer Scott Asheton; bassist Mike Watt; and saxophonist Steve MacKay, as well as two members of The Stooges' management team.

"Each of us just got up and said a few words. After, we all went to Weber's and had a real nice dinner," said Scott Morgan, a fellow musician and long-time friend of Asheton's. "It was pretty much local except for the band and the band people. There were a lot of close friends, people who always came to Ron's on Christmas Eve."Asheton was found dead in his Ann Arbor home by police officers on Jan. 6. The cause of death has not been determined, pending completion of toxicology tests that are expected to take nearly a month.

Asheton was a founding member of The Stooges, which formed in Ann Arbor in the 1960s and went on to pioneer the musical style of punk rock, influencing generations of rock musicians. He was ranked at No. 29 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.
Morgan said Pop and other band members gave no indication about the future of The Stooges without Asheton.

"They are still in shock," he said.

A tribute to Asheton will be held Saturday night at the Music Hall for the Performing Arts in downtown Detroit. A local Stooges tribute is planned for late February at the Blind Pig, with details to come, Morgan said.

Family members have asked that donations in memory of Asheton be made to his favorite charity, the Humane Society of Huron Valley. Contributions can be made online at (click the "Donations" link and scroll down to the Memorial Honorarium option). Those wishing to donate should list "Ron Asheton" in the "Honoree Name" part of the electronic form.

Meanwhile, The Stooges were again snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Wednesday. The band has been on the hall's nomination ballot seven times since the mid-1990s, including this year, but has yet to win enough votes to get in.

Top Chef: Down and Out on the Farm

After episode 8, it's clear as consomme Top Chef's producers did not want to take the simmering Hosea/Leah love connection off the burner just yet.

Otherwise, how is it possible Ariane, who pounded her cougar heart out trying to "honor her protein" was sent packing and both Hosea and Leah who were content to let Arianne overcook her own goose, were allowed to stay?

And then there's Radhika. Her 3-hour grilled corn must have been damned tasty too to qualify her for battle in next week's Restaurant Wars.

And last and by far least, what's up with testy guest judge Toby Young wanting "raw unprotected sex" with his protein and then whine like a cheap merlot about only getting to "first base"? Quick, somebody get that guy a rubber chicken!

Gawker's Joshua David Stein is even more outraged.

New York Magazine's Adam Platt "actually half-liked this episode."

Fresh from the chopping block Ariane talked to Grub Street about teamwork (or lack thereof) simplicity and who should have really been told to pack her knives and go. Read on...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patrick "The Prisoner" McGoohan - Dead at 80

When all is said and done, he was not a number, he was a free man. Actor Patrick McGoohan, best known simply as No. 6 on the enigmatic 1960s British spy-drama The Prisoner has escaped this mortal coil. McGoohan, not to be confused with Patrick Macnee who stared in The Avengers, was 80. In addition to his Prisoner exploits, McGoohan is the only actor to have played four different murderers on the detective series Columbo none of whom of course were able to elude the good lieutenant's absent minded pursuit. Gawker has more.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Informer" to Make Sundance Dance to an 80s Beat!

"The Informer," director Gregor Jordan's (Buffalo Soldiers) new picture set around early 1980s Los Angeles and based on a book of short stories by Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho) makes its Sundance Film Festival debut on Thursday. The sexually supercharged movie stars a mostly unclad Amanda Heard, Mickey Rourke, not entirely unfamiliar with the excesses of the era and Kim Bassinger, Rourke's co-star from the classic '80s erotic thriller 9 1/2 Weeks. Billy Bob Thornton and Winona Ryder are also on board, as was Brad Renfro in his final performance before his untimely overdose at the age of 25. The New York Times has more.

Monday, January 12, 2009

All Aboard the Rock of Love Bus!

Bret Michaels has made a second career out of looking for love in all the skankiest places and "Chickbomb's" unbelievably in depth analysis of the first episode of Rock of Love Bus is almost as long as the show itself. Perfect slow day at the office reading material, also ideal for putting off that pesky job search and the captions alone are worth the price of attention. Hi-Yo!

Time Off For Bad Behavior

Stuff White People Like's latest entry is all about the time honored Caucasian tradition of "Taking a Year Off" to recover from finishing college, put off joining the real world and provide much needed resume padding. Come to think of it, two years would be better.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Born Under a Bad Sign

The Unborn
Movie review by Spyder Darling

Equal parts Nightmare on Elm Street, The Omen and The Exorcist, The Unborn is a sit-through-able supernatural thriller, starring Odette Yustman as Casey Beldon, a comely co-ed whose disturbing dreams of a ghostly child with a menacing message that somehow connects to her mother’s depression and subsequent suicide.

After rummaging around her family’s big old house, the perfect location for expected but nonetheless effective knee jerk frights, Casey follows a trail of uncanny clues to a sinister sanitarium where she meets her long lost grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor whose tale of unspeakable Nazi experiments conclude the only way Casey can save herself from certain demonic doom is an exorcism. Preposterous? Sure, but tell that to diminishing circle of family and friends.

Enter Sendak (Gary Oldman) a reluctant rabbi who, with the help of a sacred text borrowed from a local library attempts to shut a doorway from beyond our world that has been pried open by someone who was never born. Or something like that.

For a PG-13 fright flick, Writer/director David Goyer (Blade: Trinity, The Invisible, Batman Begins) has crafted a passably terrifying glimpse into the life of the undead in The Unborn. While not as scary as its influences, the New York Times financial section, or a New York Knicks box score, it’ll take your mind off the madness of modern day life for a 96 minutes and that’s not kid stuff by any means.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Peter Blast Releases "Chinese Dragonflies"!

Notorious Chicago rocker Peter Blast has just released the cinematic new video "Chinese Dragonflies" featuring footage from Blast's infamous "Dive Bar Tour" (with yours truly on bass) in support of his latest CD "A Plush Horse...with a Monkey on a String." Lie back and enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stooges' Guitarist Ron Asheton - Dead at 60

This is "No Fun" at all. The NME reports Ron Asheton, founding guitarist and bassist for proto-punks the Stooges, featuring Iggy Pop on vocals, was found dead from an apparent heart attack in his Ann Arbor, Michigan home. He was 60.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Salt on the Senses

"Stuff White People Like" just posted this item about sea salt and the crazy caucasians who gotta have it.