Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rock of Love 'Hos Take Chicago!

The ever catty and chatty Chickbomb checks in with her latest no 'hos barred Rock of Love Bus recap. This week's episode finds the ten remaining hot-mess-testants winding their way to the Windy City of Chicago for an "awesome" Bret Michaels' concert at the Horseshoe Casino (who knew they had casinos in Chicago?)

Included in C-bomb's kick ass analysis are the panties down and dirty details of the roadie challenge, the life lesson here being "If you want to date a rock star, you better learn how to fall off a stage bitch," according to the astute and sophisticated Ashley who is later seen puking into a casino trash can. Quick, somebody get the little tattooed lady a cheeseburger and a barf bag!

For more high heeled hi jinks and to see which cranky skank's bruised butt gets left behind when Bret's bus blows town, read on...

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