Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top Chef: Down and Out on the Farm

After episode 8, it's clear as consomme Top Chef's producers did not want to take the simmering Hosea/Leah love connection off the burner just yet.

Otherwise, how is it possible Ariane, who pounded her cougar heart out trying to "honor her protein" was sent packing and both Hosea and Leah who were content to let Arianne overcook her own goose, were allowed to stay?

And then there's Radhika. Her 3-hour grilled corn must have been damned tasty too to qualify her for battle in next week's Restaurant Wars.

And last and by far least, what's up with testy guest judge Toby Young wanting "raw unprotected sex" with his protein and then whine like a cheap merlot about only getting to "first base"? Quick, somebody get that guy a rubber chicken!

Gawker's Joshua David Stein is even more outraged.

New York Magazine's Adam Platt "actually half-liked this episode."

Fresh from the chopping block Ariane talked to Grub Street about teamwork (or lack thereof) simplicity and who should have really been told to pack her knives and go. Read on...

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