Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stones' Teen 'Zine Editor Tells All

Bill Germain was a mere lad of 16 in 1978 when he started up "Beggars Banquet" a Rolling Stones fan 'zine.

In a scene straight out of "Almost Famous" Mick and the boys took a shine to young William's scribblings and allowed him to hang with the band and document their midnight ramblings, not for one night, or one tour even, but for the 17 years. Germain has recently cooked his myriad adventures with the 'Stones down into a printable memoir "Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Boy From Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the Rolling Stones (and Lived to Tell About It)".

The New York Post has more on Germain's juicy journal, including insight into why Keith and Ronnie say half-jokingly that Mick "is a nice bunch of guys". Shadoobee!

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