Friday, February 20, 2009

Top Chef: Ciao, Fabio!

Grub Street's Michael Alan Connolley dished with Top Chef's Fabio Viviani, the latest chef-testant to be sent packing (though possible fan favorite) about his upcoming cookbook, culinary aspirations, how his mother is doing and what makes chef's such great lovers. Mama mia!

As for Episode 13 itself, I can't believe Carla got away with a non-alcoholic cocktail just because she doesn't drink. If it had been a pork roast competition would the judges have let Ms. Hootie Hoo substitute eggplant instead? I think not. Therefore, Jeff should have won and Stefan and Hosea been sent packing. Still it was great to see Gail Simmons again and Padma looked even more delicious than usual in her black Mardi Gras dress.

Lastly for a view from the judge's table, dig into Tom Colicchio's blog to read about how Jeff royally shucked himself with his oyster dish, what made Carla's cuisine reign supreme and how you can help rebuild New Orleans if you can't make it down to Bourbon Street to stimulate the local economy personally.

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